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Thursday, January 6, 2011


In this fast paced life, there are times when I feel sluggish and worn out...and I slow down. No sooner it happens, I seem to be getting slower still. In everything I do or say or think. I become inert absolutely. Though such a stage comes about less frequently but it does come. Though I know being inert is as good as being dead....but I somehow appreciate it sometimes. It absorbs me in it's clutches and I....let all that happen. Tara, I actually allow myself to be passive, can you believe it!
I must confess that inert times are not so good times but I love them equally. Perhaps they allow me to sip my tea leisurely or read my newspaper in the comforts of my home or make me puase and stand a while quietly to watch over that tiny leaf unfurl before my eyes or this or that. Tell me Tara, is this not a life worth living! To me, these moments are precious and real and priceless. I'll always want to return to them. They help me to become better and more capable human being.

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