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Saturday, January 15, 2011


The chill wind carried us on it's wings and our thoughts...! Well, they seemed to have put on an extra pair! My heart touched the beauty of my environment. The vast stretched land with fresh and varied shades of yellow mustard flowers held me spell bound.

We took a few minutes halt at Krishna Nagar and refreshed our tired selves with a hot cup of tea. Soon our journey resumed. The tall evergreen trees stood majestically on either side of the road in one single file, warmly invoking me, as if I'm the queen. Oh how magnificant the sight was!

I felt blessed to be in the company of beauty and bounty of nature. I'm sure others were also in that same euphoria because no one realised that our driver had lost his turn. He knowingly kept on driving confidently. What jolted me of my reverie then! It was when I saw that we were on a road that didn't appear to be a high way at all! On raising an alarm, he denied and kept driving on and on. I had this strange feeling that the road was taking us far away from our destination but I didn't despair for the same road was also bringing me closer to the heart of Bengal.

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  1. Dreaming about this place... trying to picture it in my mind.

    I have the video as promised, soon you'll be able to post images...