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Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Enchanting Trip To SHANTINIKETAN - 1

Call it anything you feel like! It was sheer joy for me! In spite of all the constraints lurking all around, I was excited about my trip to Shantiniketan. Thinking that Durgapur expressway will be a smooth ride, I took this brave decision, of going to Shantiniketan, along with my husband and guests. I always wished for an opportunity and when it arrived, I had to grab it.
We started in the morning, at about 8a.m. Had toasts and tea before we set off. Though my husband objected but I sneaked in few cashewnuts, pistas, guavas etc. I pushed in all that I could see on the dining table.
Before leaving my husband talked to the driver to find out if he knew the route and he confidently assured him that he did. Then he enquired about the route he intended to take. He answered via Krishna Nagar. They argued for a while and it was decideed that we would be taking The Krishna nagar route as the expressway was clogged due to political reasons.We were unaware of this route but our confident driver said with a smile "I'll take you through a short cut." We gave in and followed him. Thus our journey began. ( be contd.)


  1. Would like to hear more of this wonderful trek to SHANTINIKETAN... glad to hear that you had a wonderful time, I only wish that someday I could travel freely...

    I feel that I am too old, heavy and slow to move around, perhaps it's just all in my mind. A lazy mind that is! Hearing travel stories from others made me believe that I've travelled many distance as well.

    Until then and talk to you soon...

    P.S. read the first part of you novel

  2. Thanx Isabel! I'm fortunate to be encompassed by such beautiful fragrant souls who inspire me every day every moment! Thanx for being there!