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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today here I am again !

5th Jan 2011
Hi Tara!
Oh it's a beautiful winter morning! The chill in the air is quite penetrating. The wind chimes through the branches and makes the sun rays wink through the sky. See! It's a lovely day altogether. Amidst all this I sit before you. alone...quiet and sombre. I know it hurts you Tara, to see me like this! I know you'll again remind me of my capabilities and capacities! Exactly that being the reason, I always exert to keep my spirits high. Come what may I'll never despair! I'll keep moving forward on and on. That's whyI created this blog space, for you and talk to feel your impulse...just to be with you.
I intend to get busier still, then what will you do without me! Don't worry, I'll still find my time to converse with this blog

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