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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Vibrant people with pulsating hearts around me...all amidst the true purity of nature....made me feel like I'm in heaven. What more could I ask for! It delighted me to see that modern times had already kissed the villager's threshhold. People looked happy. Roads ushered in connectivity and yes the mobiles...not something distant but a very common feature. Electricity lighted homes after dusk, school children in many big bunches waved at us on their way back home...all this reflected that government was doing or trying to do it's bit to let each individual live with dignity. But yes of course! every thing wasn't quite inviting, especially the health, hygine and sanitation along with the plight of women there! I thought work is being done but my bit is lacking. The day I contribute in its rebuilding these tired and run down villages and their folks will surely lead sparkling lives. I felt charged up and began to even sketch out plans. It was beyond noon and the signs of early evening were setting in slowly. For the last six hours we were on wheels and Shantiniketan by now had begun to appear a distant dream.

In spite of all inconveniences, I wasn't a bit disappointed rather felt fulfilled. I rejoiced at my precious fortune. The sun had passed its zenith bathing every nook and corner in it's warm golden hue. The view lent to the sight by my eyes was stunningly beautiful and my heart continued to click pictures to treasure it forever in it's depths. The magic of my environment was mesmerising. Fusing with its pure, fresh, all encompassing vastness, I heard my heart rasped out a silent plea ,
" Oh! behold me in your bossom
 And make my heart anew.
With your spirit recreate me
Pure and strong and true!"     

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  1. Just wished I was with you to witness all these accounts. But I am glad it filled your heart with pure unmeasurable contentment...